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    Are custom post types / taxonomies inside the scope of the runway theme development? As well as generating layouts for different post types?

    Or should plugins such as Types & Views or Piklist be used in conjunction with runway?



    We’re currently working on an Extension that allows you to create custom post types, taxonomies and custom meta fields all in one interface. It is actually being tested today but it’s the first test so we expect to have some bugs. When it’s complete you will be able to add these to your Runway theme and export them to your standalone theme as though they were custom built just for the theme.

    I probably need to write up a general statement about Runway, it’s direction and the goals for the framework. Possibly a roadmap, even a very general one, will help to show the vision and direction for the project. Especially in the short term.



    Yea a general roadmap would be great. Excited to use the theme framework but just trying to get a grip of what I’ll be able to do in the final product and what I should be looking to other plugins for,



    I still need to work up a road map document. I will probably have a better idea of what to include in that in a couple weeks after we complete the current round of Extension updates.

    Regarding your question about Custom Post Types and Taxonomies. That specific Extension is being worked on right now. We have a working demo of it that I’m hoping to include in the downloads repository (under “Downloads” menu in Runway admin). If you would like a copy now just send me an email and I’ll send you a copy for testing.




    You mentioned in the Incentive forum last night that Custom Post Types Extension was ready and might be ready to download here today? You said I could “drop it in to Incentive”. Would this be as simple as finding the Custom Post Types Extension and putting it in to the Extension folder of my theme?



    Yes, that’s what you would do. Since Incentive is a standalone theme and not a Runway child, we have a few custom setting in the distribution file that you’ll have to manage. I think I posted details of this on the Help Center or in an email I sent you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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