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    I installed the latest version of Runway and activated Lift Off.

    With no layout selected the theme adopts a right sidebar style scheme. I built a new layout with simply “default content” and assigned it to a few post/pages etc. The behaviour with a new default content inclusion in the layout made the right sidebar about 1/3 the width of the browser area. If I switch off or delete the layout it goes back to about 1/4 which looks a bit better.

    I go back to my “new layout” and add a right sidebar and activate it for a few pages, now there are 2 right sidebars with identical content. It appears that somewhere in the set up is a static right sidebar that we cannot eliminate. So, I went back in and assigned a 1/4 – 3/4 sidebar/default content layout, and the new left sidebar appeared (extremely narrow) and still had the pesky right sidebar.

    These are purely observations yet I don’t believe I have anything wrong in my set up. I also noticed you can pick “boxed” or “full width” for layout styles in the manager. These had no effect one way or the other on the display of the site. I’m probably missing something simple but don’t yet know what that is.

    thx always,



    I never updated the Lift Off theme to the new layout manager. It was used a bit for the testing in the very first version of Layout Manager, but since it’s gone through major updates in the last few months nothing has been changed in Lift Off. I would say it’s not going to work properly right now because the standard layouts built into the template files are not being made aware of the layouts and so they’re being used on top of the Layout Manager structure.

    To add the layout manager to any theme only requires the addition of the two actions called just before the end of the “header.php” and beginning of “footer.php”

    do_action('output_layout','start'); at the end of “header.php”
    do_action('output_layout','end'); at the start of “footer.php”

    We’ve done a lot of updates to the Layout Manager in just the last week! It now let’s you select a structure for you grid, either an existing one like Bootstrap, 960 Grid and others, or you can define a custom structure of your own. It’s starting to become a really powerful tool for developers and I plan to highlight that in my upcoming theme. Another addition is you can now create custom inputs for the headers and footers of layouts using the same drag and drop interface as the Options Builder. So, instead of your theme having the header and footer options that we use, you can specify your own for your themes.

    I should have all these updates posted next week when I release my new theme. There are several hundreds of lines of updates so we’ve been really busy.

    Now, can anyone think of a better way to spread the word about Runway and get more people involved? ;)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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