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    Mark Gray

    Hi, I was wondering what your business plan was for sustaining Runway. I’m one of those people that feels a bit more secure investing time in something if I think it will be around for a while.

    Cheers, Mark



    Right now I’m using it to build themes and will eventually create some themes that will be for sale. I have a number of ideas for products and services that can be attached to Runway. The first goal is to build something awesome that makes our lives easier. The next goal will be to start releasing products that go with the awesome something.

    There will probably be some “premium” add ons that we sell, I’m picturing that being mostly themes. I have several custom Extensions developed already we will release free. I have a few ideas for these plugins that would provide some great extra features as services that would be upgrades. I like the idea of making them free to begin with and not limiting any of the functionality. The premium services would realy be just added convenience for automation or enhanced ability. What I don’t like is making something with built in limitations to generate a paid upgrade. Instead, make it great first and come up with something even greater that adds value and provide it as an option.

    It’s difficult to explain without giving specific examples and right now I’m not ready to do that. Something similar to what I’m thinking would be like the WP CDN plugin, it provides and awesome free service. Now if you want a ton of storage you can pay for added space. You get a great product free and those that need special features or more have a way to get it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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